What the Heck is a
Meta-Consultant and Why Should Accountants Care?

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Every accounting firm today wants to evolve beyond number-crunching and establish itself as a strategic advisor offering actionable insights and data-driven services. For this to happen, accountants need to develop a consultative approach, asking the right questions, linking client goals with data-driven insights, and creating customized solutions.

But what if we could take it a step further? Enter the Meta-Consultant.

Join us for an enlightening webinar featuring Ed Kless and Hitendra Patil, two of the Top 100 Accounting Influencers. Discover why accountants must become Meta-Consultants and learn practical steps to achieve this transformation.

The webinar promises actionable insights and a pivotal discussion on the profession’s future. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

PS: Attendees will receive an exclusive code for preferred price on Ed’s MetaConsulting live event in Dallas, taking place on August 5-6.

Disclaimer: This webinar’s discussion of “Meta-Consultants” is not affiliated with Meta Platforms Inc.® or Facebook.®

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Key Takeaways

Why Attend?

Ed Kless


Ed works as a MetaConsultant with Tipping Point Advisors. He consults primarily with people who themselves are consultants. Before Tipping Point, Ed served as the senior director of Partner development and strategy for Sage where he hosted the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast and developed and delivered curriculum for Sage Partners and Customers.

Hitendra Patil

Hitendra R. Patil

President of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services at Datamatics

President, Global F&A Services, Datamatics Business Solutions, Inc. – A doyen of the accounting profession, Hitendra holds a distinguished position as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting for six consecutive years. His expertise spans client accounting and advisory services (CAS / CAAS), emerging accounting technologies, and CPA firm success. He’s an accomplished author of three books widely embraced by accountants across 15 countries and five continents.

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